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Team St Petersburg8.09.000185
The Volga Team 6.512.50082
Team Moscow6.014.750169
Southern Federal District Russia5.511.0002814
Team Kazakhstan5.019.75027
Team Siberia and Far East3.517.500504
Finno Ugric Chess Players2.533.500206
URAL 2.525.500209
The team of Siberian Federal District Russia0.532.50089
Round 1PlayersCompleted
Southern Federal District - Russia5.010.5 x 5.5-5.0Finno-Ugric Chess Players8100.00%
The Volga Team / Поволжье0.57.5 x 10.5-0.5Team St. Petersburg9100.00%
⇚✯УРАЛ✯URAL✯⇛-1.58.5 x 3.5-0.5The team of Siberian Federal District - Russia7100.00%
Team Moscow7.521.0 x 15.0-7.5Team Siberia and Far East18100.00%
Belarus-3.04.5 x 13.53.0Team Kazakhstan9100.00%
Round 2PlayersCompleted
Belarus-2.59.0 x 3.00.5Finno-Ugric Chess Players7100.00%
The Volga Team / Поволжье0.06.5 x 5.50.0The team of Siberian Federal District - Russia6100.00%
Team Moscow0.018.5 x 21.50.0Team St. Petersburg20100.00%
⇚✯УРАЛ✯URAL✯⇛3.55.5 x 8.5-5.5Team Siberia and Far East8100.00%
ЮГ России - Southern Russia0.06.0 x 6.00.0Team Kazakhstan6100.00%
Round 3PlayersCompleted
Team Siberia and Far East-5.010.0 x 10.05.0Team Kazakhstan10100.00%
ЮГ России - Southern Russia-0.510.5 x 7.50.5⇚✯УРАЛ✯URAL✯⇛9100.00%
The team of Siberian Federal District - Russia1.56.0 x 6.0-1.5Team St. Petersburg6100.00%
The Volga Team / Поволжье0.06.5 x 3.50.0Finno-Ugric Chess Players5100.00%
Belarus-2.04.0 x 14.00.0Team Moscow10100.00%
Round 4PlayersCompleted
The Volga Team / Поволжье0.06.0 x 8.00.0Team Kazakhstan7100.00%
ЮГ России - Southern Russia-2.04.0 x 14.02.0Team St. Petersburg9100.00%
Belarus-5.013.0 x 11.05.0⇚✯УРАЛ✯URAL✯⇛12100.00%
team-siberia-and-far-east0.00.5 x 0.50.0the-team-of-siberian-federal-district---russia0-
Team Moscow1.08.0 x 0.0-1.0Finno-Ugric Chess Players4100.00%
Round 5PlayersCompleted
Team Kazakhstan0.09.0 x 3.00.0The team of Siberian Federal District - Russia6100.00%
ЮГ России - Southern Russia-3.06.5 x 13.53.0The Volga Team / Поволжье10100.00%
Team St. Petersburg-2.05.0 x 5.02.0Finno-Ugric Chess Players5100.00%
Belarus-1.58.0 x 16.0-0.5Team Siberia and Far East13100.00%
⇚✯УРАЛ✯URAL✯⇛-1.519.5 x 12.51.5Team Moscow16100.00%
Round 6PlayersCompleted
Team St. Petersburg0.09.5 x 6.50.0Team Kazakhstan8100.00%
The Volga Team / Поволжье2.06.5 x 3.5-2.0Team Siberia and Far East5100.00%
ЮГ России - Southern Russia0.010.5 x 3.50.0Belarus7100.00%
⇚✯УРАЛ✯URAL✯⇛-1.04.0 x 8.01.0Finno-Ugric Chess Players6100.00%
Team Moscow0.08.0 x 0.00.0The team of Siberian Federal District - Russia4100.00%
Round 7PlayersCompleted
Team Moscow-2.09.0 x 9.02.0Team Kazakhstan9100.00%
Belarus0.04.5 x 19.50.0Team St. Petersburg12100.00%
Team Siberia and Far East1.07.0 x 5.0-1.0Finno-Ugric Chess Players6100.00%
ЮГ России - Southern Russia-2.07.5 x 0.50.0The team of Siberian Federal District - Russia5100.00%
⇚✯УРАЛ✯URAL✯⇛-2.02.0 x 10.02.0The Volga Team / Поволжье6100.00%
Round 8PlayersCompleted
Finno-Ugric Chess Players-1.08.5 x 7.51.0Team Kazakhstan8100.00%
Team St. Petersburg0.014.5 x 11.50.0⇚✯УРАЛ✯URAL✯⇛13100.00%
Team Siberia and Far East-4.011.0 x 13.02.0ЮГ России - Southern Russia13100.00%
Belarus0.02.5 x 1.50.0The team of Siberian Federal District - Russia2100.00%
Team Moscow-1.59.0 x 9.01.5The Volga Team / Поволжье9100.00%
Round 9PlayersCompleted
ЮГ России - Southern Russia2.04.0 x 16.0-2.0Team Moscow10100.00%
finno-ugric-chess-players0.00.5 x 0.50.0the-team-of-siberian-federal-district---russia0-
⇚✯УРАЛ✯URAL✯⇛-1.07.0 x 7.01.0Team Kazakhstan7100.00%
Team Siberia and Far East-4.014.5 x 17.54.0Team St. Petersburg16100.00%
The Volga Team / Поволжье0.010.0 x 2.00.0Belarus6100.00%